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NOTE:- Given package plan is for 1 day shoot only. If your event is longer then you have to pay 2700/- per day after that days with your package price.

We Are Offering You These Things in this Package Plan*

Still Photography
Candid Photography
Full HD Videography
Cinematic Videography
Cinematic Highlights
Fashion Photo Session

Things Which Will Be Provided or Not

( Note that if the things mentioned bellow are not provided by the client then the approximate charges will be calculated with package )

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Terms & Conditions
  • We will co-operate fully with the team AW for the best result
  • We agree that our urgent date change of our event may not be accepted for shoot by team AW
  • We can’t claim our delivery items from AW if our payment is not clear in between the given time
  • Advance payment is non refundable
  • Don’t ask us to do types of photography we don’t do. ( While people are eating etc. )
  • We are responsible for any damage of any equipment of the team for us
  • All given details are verified completely, no further changes are accepted

(Package Price + Extra Days + Album + Transportation + Accommodation)

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